Cyber Bowl.  A football teamed Cyber Security conference which I created the concept, design, and format.  Additionally I was instrumental in the planning and execution for three years in a row in coordination with US Army Central G6 in Kuwait for Cyber Bowl's I, II, and III.  The format had a speaking agenda and hands on activities such s football play scrimmages that showed spectators how cyber attacks work on a visual level.
"From the Inside" was a show that I created for both green-screen and stage performances.  I wrote, produced, and directed four shows that had only one week for rehearsals from week to week and filming had to be done each week during Cyber Awareness Month in October 2015.

"Writing Prompts" is a monthly feature in KidZine where I start a story and the reader writes the rest of the story and submits it to be selected to be illustrated and published in the following month's magazine.


"Cray-Z MFRS" is a pseudonym hip hop duo I concepted with the idea of an artist who would make two songs and that is it.  "Two Cray-Z MFRS who walked into the game backwards so we could walk out fast" was one of the taglines.  I wrote the lyrics, recorded, executive produced, and directed the music videos.  I employed a real music producer to create the original hip hop beats used in each song.  In November 2019, Cray-Z MFRS reached #2 of nearly 500 new artists for Houston, TX, #31 for the United States (out of 29k Artists), and #31 Globally (out of 42k artists) on Reverb Nation.