Welcome to the free download of the One-Page Resume Template, as featured in the book Resume Remix. This template has proven both useful and powerful for me as my resume was developing before I became an industry expert in cyber security. There’s a solid debate back and forth on how effective a one-page resume is, and I always advocate that it’s better to have one in your pocket when you need it, than to be caught flatfooted and unprepared when it matters. 

You can use this free template however you like, and there may be a point in your career when you can no longer easily condense your career down to a single page, but I would still implore you to try because recruiters’ and hiring managers’ time is limited. Showing you can effectively distill down a lot of information into a high-level overview is a valuable skill to have, especially as you move up in ranks, and you can always create a professional website, include a link to your LinkedIn page, and save the laborious details for a curriculum vitae (CV). 

For more great tips on how to format your resume and how to negotiate the interviewing and job offer negotiation, check out my book, Resume Remix on Amazon.

Download a WORD Document copy of the One-Page Resume Template below:

Download a PDF copy of the One-Page Resume Template below: