Cyber Bowl.  A football teamed Cyber Security conference which I created the concept, design, and format.  Additionally I was instrumental in the planning and execution for three years in a row in coordination with US Army Central G6 in Kuwait for Cyber Bowl’s I, II, and III.  The format had a speaking agenda and hands on activities such s football play scrimmages that showed spectators how cyber attacks work on a visual level.

Cyber Bowl 1:

Cyber Bowl 3:

“From the Inside” was a show that I created for both green-screen and stage performances.  I wrote, produced, and directed four shows that had only one week for rehearsals from week to week and filming had to be done each week during Cyber Awareness Month in October 2015.



Youtube video:

Youtube Video:

“Writing Prompts” is a monthly feature in KidZine where I start a story and the reader writes the rest of the story and submits it to be selected to be illustrated and published in the following month’s magazine.

“The Map”

“New Teacher”

“What’s for Dinner?”

“My Day”


“Cray-Z MFRS” is a pseudonym hip hop duo I concepted with the idea of an artist who would make two songs and that is it.  “Two Cray-Z MFRS who walked into the game backwards so we could walk out fast” was one of the taglines.  I wrote the lyrics, recorded, executive produced, and directed the music videos.  I employed a real music producer to create the original hip hop beats used in each song.  In November 2019, Cray-Z MFRS reached #2 of nearly 500 new artists for Houston, TX, #31 for the United States (out of 29k Artists), and #31 Globally (out of 42k artists) on Reverb Nation.

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“Charlie's Demons” Film Idea Synopsis

Two Liner Pitch: 

When the angels get their wings clipped, Charlie has to call upon his Demons to save the day when the world is threatened with a deadly virus.  A woman’s work is never done, but it is a man’s world.

Short Synopsis: 

When an undercover Angel’s mission gets ambushed and angels get taken hostage, Charlie has to resort to a abandoned program called Charlie’s Demons.  Charlie recruits two new members to form the Demons team to infiltrate and rescue the Angels and uncover the sinister plot to infect the world population with a deadly virus.

Long Synopsis: 

The angels are undercover at a estate gala event to infiltrate and stop a plot to release a deadly virus to the world.  One of the angels gets close to the main villain just to find out the main villain is just a right hand man for the real villain who is a woman.  Yet the reveal of the secret of the villain is cut short with an angel saying WTF to a quick cut in communications.  The villain is rather two twins playing two lives as a man and a woman interchangeably as they are both cross dressers.  They have both been living two lives, but we do not get to see the reveal of both lives as this fact is revealed in the climax of the film in a WTF moment for humorous effect.  Their operation gets discovered and the angels are captured and held hostage before they can reveal the dual identities to Charlie.  Charlie only now believes the main villain is a woman with a right-hand man as her protector.  The film audience does not get the reveal till the end of the film.

After the mission’s abrupt failure, Charlie realizes that sending in more angels will not work and has to dust off the files on an old program that was shut down in favor of the Angel’s Program.  That program was called Charlie’s Demons.  It employed the best operatives to fight terrorism, injustice, and evil in the world but was shut down due to its predictability.  Charlie see that it is time to revive the program and identifies two operatives to add to the team.  One is Agent 99, a CIA clandestine operative who specializes in manipulating and seducing woman.  The other is Bull, a man who used to be the best one-man army rapid assault operative, but is now in an intensive rehabilitation program dealing with his PTSD from years of violence.  Charlie convinces these men to join forces to work together to uncover the plans for the virus and rescue the angels. 

The villain is a woman named Roxanne, and one of the surprises of the film is that Roxanne is a cross dressing man who is impervious to Agent 99’s seduction methods.  Another character is a woman scientist who helps the team with infiltrations and evasion inside the laboratory facility.   It gets revealed later in the film she is an embedded deep cover angel although most of the film she appears clumsy and nerdy she is quite deadly.  The villain has created a virus that will kill 99% of the population and has created the only vaccine which she intends to sell to the highest bidders who wish to stay alive.  Agent 99 goes undercover as a prince who has various links to crime organizations that is seeking to buy the vaccine for himself.  He meets Roxanne at a party that is a cover for a silent auction for top bids for the vaccine.  Agent 99 has to be careful as there are crime bosses, and other people at this event he has crossed paths with before and cannot allow his cover to be blown.  Bull must be his eyes and ears because Zero cannot speak so this leads to numerous close calls.  Bull is posing as the prince’s bodyguard and when a rival crime boss identifies Agent 99, but no one understand him. Bull gets hesitant on getting violent to protect Agent 99, and therefore gets “fired” from his job.  Zero now is put in as his bodyguard and Bull must now be behind the scenes running surveillance which is completely out of his wheelhouse of expertise.  By the end of the film Bull will have to get into the fight again when his comms gets disrupted and he must come to the rescue.  Agent 99 will have to learn to deal with his deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy and rediscover that having feelings is not a bad thing.  Although his crying during an emotional moment is not the right time.  Bull discovers that sometime sit is okay to use violent means to the right ends of matters.  The fulcrum of his decision is when a henchman kills a rabbit.   He takes a man to beat up another man literally.  It was joked about earlier in the film when Agent 99 read in a report how he once beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker and doubted that ever happened.  Agent 99 gets to see this and makes him stop crying immediately.  The climax resolves when they rescue the angels and they all work together to shutdown the viruses release and capture the villain before she can escape, but not before revealing that she is in fact a man and has a twin.  Agent 99 proceeds to capture and detain the villain in spite of the embarrassment as he is now finally confident in his sexuality and feels adequate as a human being with feelings and emotions.

The demons meetup again in HQ and Zero reveals to them by accepting a dollar best form Charlie that he could successfully complete a mission without saying a single word.  That was the vow of silence.  Charlie tells the guys he will be shutting down the program and their services are no longer required, and they can return to their old jobs and lives.  Agent 99 goes back to his old hometown where he approaches the woman who rejected him years ago and we find out it was his old babysitter who rejected him when he was young (quick flashback of him trying to kiss her and her saying no to show it was not as dramatic as we think it was).  Now they are both adults and there is a spark seen between them both.  Bull is seen in a camo netting ten in a field coordinating an ambush as it appears he is back to being an operative.  Yet it is soon shown he has become a spokesperson for animal rights and is hunting down illegal game hunters and uses violence appropriately.  His organization logo is a bunny.  Finally, Zero is shown getting introduced to two new members of the demons program. Charlie obviously did not shut it down.  The two new recruits are quietly debating why he has taken a vow of silence.  Zero winks at the camera.  Film credits roll showing blooper reels.

Key Scenes:

WTF? – Early in the film when the angels get caught one of them gets to see the villains secret but a quick cut holds the audience from the reveal with a WTF to humorous effect.  At the climax of the film we get to revisit the WTF by Zero mouthing the words as the audience gets to see the villain is a cross dressing pair of twins. 

Demolitions Confetti and Fireworks – Bull cannot hurt people and when he is tasked to set explosives to cover an escape instead of rigs fireworks and confetti.  The team barely escapes and Bull apologies.

The Bunny Part 1 & 2 & 3 – Part one is Bull’s first present day scene after flashbacks are shown of him being a one man army wreaking havoc and destroying an entire city to capture one man, but in present day he is in a white room surrounded by white bunny rabbits and is cuddling one.  Part 2 is when a henchman kick a bunny off a building rooftop, Bull gets enraged and finally uses violence to fight back.  Part 3 is the end of the film where Bull is shown leading an ambush against animal poachers and illegal game hunters and his organization logo is a white bunny.

Rejected Flashback – Agent 99 goes back to his hometown and visits a café where woman who is revealed to be his old babysitter he once tried to kiss.  Flashback shows a scrawny kid trying to kiss his babysitter and getting rejected but not as dramatic as the audience believe it to be.  The woman laughs for a moment after recalling the attempted kiss and tells Agent 99 that then it felt inappropriate, but now they are both adults.  He moves in trying to sneak in a kiss and she turns ad resist a bit saying hold on I expect to at least be taken out on a date mister.  He smiles and says just say when.  She says she closes up at 9,  They smile at each other. End scene.

Vow of Silence Bet – Zero is presented to the team by Charlie and quickly is revealed he refuses to speak due to a vow of silence.  The team asks Charlie to tell them what the reason for such a vow was and Charlie says they will have to ask Zero to reveal that.  The entire film both Agent 99 and Bull keep asking Zero what it is and offer assumptions like was his family killed?  Did the love of his life leave him?  Did he lose a partner?  Etc. etc.  At the end of the film is revealed he simply made Charlie a bet that he could successfully complete a mission without speaking one word.  At the final scene of the film Charlie is briefing two new recruits to the Demon program and introduces Zero.  They are told he has taken a vow of silence and they quickly turn to one another to speculate why he has taken a vow of silence as the camera zooms into Zero’s face as he winks to the audience breaking a fourth wall as the film cuts to credits and blooper reels.

Ideal Cast:

Chadwick Boseman as Agent 99.  A suave, debonair ladies man who utilizes his charm and wits to seduce women whether they are informants or targets.  He is always successful, but he has a woman in his past who dumped him and he honed his skills to never fall in love and only use woman.  He appears incapable of having real emotions. His character will have to deal with feelings and resolve his feelings of inadequacy.

Dave Bautista as Bull.  A former special ops operative who specializes in demolitions and assault ops.  His last mission he suddenly developed intense PTSD due to his years of violent behavior and he is renounced all violence or killing.  His character will have to deal with PTSD and resolve the fact that sometime the ends justify the means. 

Tony Jaa as Zero.  A mysterious operative who works directly for Charlie and has taken a vow of silence.  The other characters spend the entire film guessing why he took the vow of silence.  He is a hacker, recon specialist, and martial arts expert.