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2019 Author Shout Reader Ready Award Winner
Top 100 List for BookAuthority.com Best Cybersecurity eBooks of All Time List

I possess the top cyber security certifications in the industry and have methods I use that allow me to pass exams with ease and usually in a short amount of time. Many professionals that I have mentored and trained have benefited from these methods. Now I have packaged up this short guide on my methods for the public to also have the same edge. Does this mean you don’t have to study or prepare for your exam? NO! This guide isn’t a substitute for study, but that final piece of knowledge no one else has shared with you to seal the deal. If you have taken tests only to come up short after hours and hours of study.. this might be all you need to push you over the pass mark.

A short guide of test tips and methods to analyze problems to give you an edge on your cyber security certification exams.

Award for Best Cyber Security Book