Leaving Home Behind: Poems from my Youth

This is a small collection of poems from my childhood in Cottonwood, Louisiana. I grew up in this small community in Louisiana along country dirt roads. My two sisters and I were foster kids. We were fortunate to be raised by a strong woman, named Marcille, who became our mother. She was not rich in money, but she was rich in love and persistence. We were lucky. We only had one other foster home before her, and it was because of her persistence and not giving up on me that my life took a dramatic turn away from the life most foster kids in this area lived to one that took me far beyond the countryside to the corners of the world.

Coming Home Again: Poems from my Adulthood

This is a small collection of poems from my young adult years in Louisiana. Coming from a single foster parent home to living on my own was not always easy, but I always found peace in words and creativity. To come back home again, being older and a bit wiser than I was, made such an impact on my perspective of how I grew up. Yet the young man raised to use knowledge as a means to break away from mediocrity; still pushed himself to eventually reach the corners of the world. Along my journey I got married and divorced twice, but from my last marriage I left with my two daughters. Some of these poems were written in times of love and some in times of sorrow when the relationship had or was ending.